À propos de nous

It was in 2014 when Todeco was started in France with an aim to sell a range of household products considering the tiny but significant requirements of the daily chores. It has rapidly expanded to Europe, and more recently in the USA. Todeco aimed to permeate in the market by creating a brand with the products considering the demand of every day needs of people and those which are affordable by everyone.

The product range of Todeco is wide. We have categories including Home appliances, baby supplies, pet supplies, tools, garden appliances, sports equipments, luggage and kitchen amenities. Our products being non perishable, will not leave your side, hence giving you the maximum value for your money.

The products we manufacture are selected meticulously ensuring that they meet our set standards and fulfil our customers’ needs. Our innovative designs gives everything in a house a place, making it easier for you to keep it neat. That is the reason of our reputable position and high demand in the market. We are also adding new range gradually to continue accomplishing our goals.

Quality is one of our priorities and we ensure that our customers get the best out of what we provide. For distribution, we have a trusted network of exclusive and non exclusive distributors who deliver your ordered products at your doorstep. Every merchandise from our store is guaranteed for one year by our distributor and one extra year by the manufacturer for registered customers.

the todeco promise

For Todeco, the main objective is customer satisfaction because we believe that it is the best business strategy of all. So, we promise to update and manufacture our products considering the ever changing needs of you in accordance with latest trends. We also promise that we will heed your valuable feedbacks as we want to make your shopping experience super happy and convenient. The happiness on our customers’ face are what contends us the most and we aim to take it even further through our innovations which will benefit our customers in the best way possible.