Back in 2014, when the world was busy chasing luxuries and advanced products, we decided to go for some basic, day to day, chic looking products which would aid in households.

So, we set our foot in the market and began with France. We gradually permeated the market and explored the needs of customers. Our products were winning hearts and we were on the go to add on to the happiness of more and more customers.

Our business expanded gradually from france to other countries. Our products were being searched for by people in Germany, Italy, Spain, UK and USA. This climb was enough to ensure that we were proving true to our word and commitments.

Today, our products are seen on leading platforms like Amazon, Cdiscount, ebay, Darty, Rakuten, and many more.

We chase excellence and believe that the customers should be fully contented with the products they order. But if in any case, customers need our help, they always have our backs and our customer support and services are available everywhere.

Our products are now delivered worldwide and we have a big reach. We have been growing since the time we began and we are also tapping more areas of international market, hoping to make it even bigger, soon!