Todeco - Dumbbell Set , Adjustable Weight Set - Bar material: Chrome steel - Handle material: Natural rubber - Black, with Black case, Cast iron, 44 lbs

EAN : 3700778713641

  • Fitness tool to keep fit, also recommended by health professionals and professional athletes
  • An useful piece of equipment for building muscles in your chest, arms, shoulders, back, legs and core
  • Provided with multiple plates to adjust the weight and improve your daily workout
  • Easily add or remove the weights according to your training levels
  • Practicality: Suitable for individuals and professionals
  • Convenient to use: Specifically designed for indoor use, especially used in the exercise room
  • Non-slip and high quality coating: keeps the product surface smooth and durable
  • Can be cleaned with a wet cloth or a damp sponge
  • The rust-proof material and unique structure make it a worthwhile purchase