Todeco - Adjustable Welding Helmet, Auto Darkening Welding Helmet - Material: Plastic (PP, PE) - Battery type: Lithium 3V - Eagle pattern, with 3 extra lens

EAN : 3700778718394

  • Under normal conditions will protect eyes and face from sparks and radiation during welding
  • A response time of under 1/25000s ensures the auto-darkening filter turns dark as soon as the arc is struck
  • Full protection to the user's face and eyes is provided by the high-performance auto-darkening filter
  • Delay time and sensitivity are fully adjustable
  • Adjustable for MMA, TIG and MIG/MAG welding/grinding
  • On/off and darkening filter functions are automatic
  • Employs both solar power and lithium batteries to provide a strong power source for welding operation
  • The distance between your eyes and the visor is adjustable by pushing the helmet forwards or backwards
  • Size is adjusted by using the ratchet wheel at the back of the headband, ensuring a good fit to your head
  • The helmet is high-temperature resistant, fire-proof and furthermore, lightweight
  • For both individual and professional use
  • Easy to store and transport
  • A lint-free cloth should be used to clean the filter lens
  • Easy to follow user guide
  • When storing the helmet please keep it in a dry place away from direct sources of light to prevent unneccesary wear and tear on the auto-darkening filter
  • Never allow the machine to be submerged in water or any other liquids