About Us

Todeco, was initiated with an objective to become the go-to store for the automobile enthusiasts and passionate DIYers.Evaluating the supply of the tools based products, we decided to focus on multiple handy toolkits and various DIY products and a site was built to provide the best and desired products to the customers to fix things instantly anywhere.

Our core values are innovation, utility, and quality of the products and that’s what we have always stayed true to. We ensure that every product in our store contents our customers and they get maximum out of what they purchase. Also, because we do not have any intermediaries, our team deals with the suppliers directly, thus cutting out the extra costs. We aimed to elevate the shopping experience of the customers by becoming a futuristic eCommerce website dealing in qualitative products integrating the trends and requirements of the customers.

These qualities are what led us to be a site entrusted upon. We, henceforth, extended our product range to home decor, baby products, garden, health, home, kitchen, luggage, etc. The products on our store are selected by the sourcing expert team after examining the vital factors of products.

As a team, we thrive to happify our customers by rendering the best products that help them ease their tasks. Customers are our priority and their feedbacks is considered and acted upon by all of us. We have been winning the hearts of our customers since we started and we will continue to do so by our ever-advancing products and services.

When todeco was initiated, what we observed was a scanty supply but a considerable demand of toolkits and DIY kits for effortlessly doing the tasks at home. So we aimed to produce and sell such tool kits which would content the automobile enthusiasts. After exploring the requirements and trends of these products, we got in to providing the products that perform as good as you do.

With assured quality products and commitment for best services, we earned the trust of customer and gradually expanded to multiple countries like Germany, Italy, Spain, UK and USA.We knew we were keeping our word of giving our best to the customers and that’s the reason why we are where we are today.

We focus on brilliance and we strongly believe that customers should get the value worth the money they pay. Also, if customers require any help from us, we are ever ready to help them and solve any issues related to our products. We have our customer services available everywhere. With availability of worldwide shipping, our customers can get the products they want in any corner of the world. We have always aimed to grow bigger and setting benchmarks with the range and quality of our products and expand even more to achieve the goals and make our customers smile.