Did you know that on an average a person spends 26 years of his life sleeping? In this case, only a bed frame can be your real partner (No offence, ladies!). But choosing the right bed frame can be a nightmare for many! 

There are tons of bed frames available in the market starting from bed frames with storage, bed frames with headboards and many more. But which one is the best fit for you? It is really simple!

We are here with 3 best tips while selecting a bed frame for you. Scroll and learn the tips.

It’s the size of the bedroom that matters

All of your readers are here to know what can help you in picking the right solution for your bedroom. And the first thing that you should take into consideration is the size of your bedroom. Of course, you need a minimum of 2 or 3 feet to move freely in your bedroom.


Compare the bed with the standard bed dimensions. If you have a mattress, keep in mind the size of your mattress before jumping to any bed frame. Otherwise, the frame can turn out to be too big or too small and will detour from its main purpose. 

Enroute towards its functionality

Besides bed dimensions, what you can focus upon is its functionality. If you want to have storage anywhere around the bed you should be selective.



You can install cabinets on the sides of the bed or have a bed frame that allows you to have storage underneath. All of your plans for your room might go in vain if you choose the wrong bed frame.

Quality Over Everything

This is the most basic tip yet we tend to ignore this because of the fancy appearances and the cheap prices. But the material of the bed frame is what determines the life of this product. 


The material of the bed frame varies from wooden to metal. Although wooden bed frames are sturdy,  they are home to lice and insects and hence we recommend you to go for metal bed frames. Not only do such bed frames provide sturdy support but these metal bed frames make your furniture look attractive. 

Are you looking for bed frames that outshine all these qualities? Take a look at Todeco’s bed frame


This large box spring is not only perfect for any type of mattress but it also excels the standard size. Checked.

It comes with a foldable frame that is easy to carry and easy to assemble. It is made of rustproof steel with an ideal design that can be placed either in the living room or the garden it can be used outside while camping.

You can even convert it into two single beds or place a mattress and make it a double bed. Bingo! It is convenient for a sudden need for an extra bed, or to save space. This durable and stable product is ideal for children, adolescents, and adults.

Don’t ponder much! Just gear up yourself for the Todeco’s bed frame!