Easter is just around the corner and so is the day to binge on chocolate bunnies and candy eggs. This festival is all about love, joy, fun activities, and desserts. To plan all that is a non-measurable amount of work and time put to make the festival a memorable one, especially for the kids. 

A happy Easter is when it has dinner gatherings including family and friends.

Setting up a menu which everyone likes is a difficult task but what are the two things which everyone loves for no matter children or adults? It's cheese and chocolate which are perfect inclusions to your courses. Include cheese and chocolate in the form of fondue and who doesn’t love a good fondue?

If you are planning an intimate gathering then fondue is one of the best options you can have. Serving cheese fondue in your main course or delectable chocolate fondue as a dessert, both are fulfilling and will make your Easter meal much special.  

All you need is a good fondue set to savor it. Before purchasing a fondue set, it’s good to know about its types and choose the one which suits you the best. 

Types of Fondue Sets - 

Electric Fondue Set 

Electric fondue sets have a heating element built in the base or are designed to sit on an electric burner. They are better for cooking meat or broth as they can go to a much higher temperature. However, you must have a power outlet nearby to turn it on or else the set will be useless without electricity. 

Manual Fondue Set

A classic and practical manual fondue set is a popular choice and it can be easily set up in most kinds of environments. Most of the manual fondue set works on an open flame or candles; we also find a newer version that uses fuel as a burning source. All those mentioned above can easily adjust the flame to avoid the charring for the food.

Set your table anywhere no matter in the garden or next to the swimming pool, begin the Easter Party intimate and cozy with lovely chocolate fondue dishes!

What to look in a perfect fondue set 

Which fondue set suits you the best? 

*A ceramic fondue set is made from earthenware that responds directly if you lower or turn up the temperature, particularly suitable for cheese and chocolate fondue.

*A fondue set made of stainless steel or cast iron is suitable for high temperatures and conducts the heat well, especially used for meat and Chinese fondue.

Safety Measures 

Another important feature is safety. The burner should be safe to use and should have a handle. The pot should also have a splash protector. 


Provide a regular fork with colored code to every guest. Please be sure the forks are ok to stand the heat and long enough to prevent your guests from being scalded. Choose a set with a fork's ring so it's less possible to slip into the fondue.