A lot of people wonder about how to make your house a minimalist home that still feels welcoming. Minimalist decor is characterised by a ‘minimalist lifestyle’ that necessitates having items no more than those absolutely essential. So, the first tip is to get rid of all the excess. You do not require 20 pairs of shoes, 10 should do just fine. The clutter and lack of space results from hoarding all of the stuff you think you need but haven’t touched since a month. Do yourself a favour, give it away.

I do not say that your house should be characterised by just empty floor space or bare walls. I agree that a little aesthetics never hurt anyone, but let’s ensure it’s ‘little’ and cut down to the bare essentials of a minimalist lifestyle. Like the potted plants. You can make do without it, but it comforts your mind to have some greens around.


Here’s what you need. 

 A hidden, multipurpose storage is a key part of minimalist living. Having furniture that you can use when necessary and stow away when you're done with it is a defining characteristic. If you have furniture that can easily be collapsed and taken with you whenever required, you will be able to do more justice to its utility. These portable utility pieces of furniture can be easily taken with you or your kid to a hostel room, to extensive travels or to your mobile job as required.



Let’s get tidy. 


Now that you are ready to not hoard stuff, let’s organize what you have. Starting with the bigger chunks here are different ways in which you can organize your clothes. We recommend you to use a folding clothes wardrobe. The folding fabric wardrobes are made of high-quality non-woven canvas which is corrosion resistant and can be used for a very long time without any damage. They keep your clothes fresh and aired and dust-free. The shelves are spacious and also feature a rod for hanging your formals and other highly prized dresses. These portable wardrobe structures are trending because of their innovative, modern look and the ease with which they can be assembled and disassembled as required. 

Alternatively, you can also use a telescopic garment rack which is made of iron tubes and is very easy to set up and pack as required. It is a very sturdy, modern looking stylish structure that can help you store your clothes in an organized fashion and helps you find them very easily. You can also colour-code your clothes with this structure and show off your space-saving skills. Having this wardrobe that can be moved into other rooms as and when required is another defining essential of a minimalist lifestyle. 


Incorporate a storage bench

There shall always be items that you do not use on a daily basis but are important. Like your winter blankets, hats, scarves, soft toys and much more. Store all of this in ottomans that can also be used to sit on or put your legs on. You can even choose to store all your shoes in the ottoman and place it at the entrance. These storage boxes/ ottomans are highly essential in a minimalist lifestyle and can also be placed in your bedroom as a side table. Ottomans/ storage boxes and benches are available in different colors and materials, offering you a wide variety of choices. You can choose a square ottoman or a rectangle bench ottoman as per your requirement and other furniture designs. 


Box it up 


Now, let’s get to storing the smaller items in your minimalist bedroom. You do need to organize your watches, bracelets, lipsticks, hair bands, stationery and everything that occupies your dressing table and desk. All the things that we know keep getting lost and you have to replace or be doleful for. Do yourself a favour, get boxes to store the valuables in a proper place. Todeco has several jewellery boxes to store your precious accessories. If you own more than 45 rings, you might want to buy a two or a three-layered one, in other cases if you are truly into minimal living a smaller box should work just fine. The glass covering and velvet lining of the box give it an elegant finish. 


These tips and products for shifting to a minimalist lifestyle may not sound tailor-cut for you. According to the members in your house, their age groups, the items they interact with, your needs - you can design your own minimalist living.  But remember, a minimalist living does not mean that you live like a miser, it essentially means that you own only what you need. There’s a range of other items available in the store that will be useful to your house in myriad ways. Feel free to explore the store and get what you need. Let’s make your House a Minimalist Home with Todeco!