Bidding off the winter chill with a thermostat is what we are accustomed to do.  But how can we bring a little warmth without using a thermostat? 

The answer to this can be termed in two words “electric blanket”. There are numerous benefits of using an electric blanket. It is one of the go-to products for those sleepers who wish to have a cosier sleep.

It is the most convenient product to use as it is easy to carry and all you need is an electric socket and you are all set to lie and have a good sleep!



But before you jump to buy an electric blanket, you need to keep some tips and precautions in mind. Although this product will give you the comfort and warmth that does not mean you can choose the right electric blanket. Remember to keep in mind these tips before you buy one!


Tips to keep in mind while buying an electric blanket


Quality of the product should not be missed

Nothing can be as irritating as not getting good sleep. Imagine sleeping with a blanket that is made from a material that is uncomfortable. You would get rid of that blanket quite soon, right? Check whether the blanket matches with the standard of comforts that you have set.  

The next check should be the internal wirings of the product. You might end up buying a blanket that does not have a thick layer of fabrics over the internal wirings. Such blanks will end up disturbing your sleep.  

The ideal material should be thick enough to give you the warmth and porous enough for the heat to disperse.  

Heat settings cannot be overlooked

Check how many heat options are available for you to set. Some blankets come with only two options and some come with six options for you to change and adjust to. 

 An electric blanket with such multiple settings is recommendable. Before you buy one, make sure it comes with adjustable setting options.



 Also, check the temperature options available. Some blankets come with just two temperatures to adjust to. What if you don’t want too much heat or want to avoid too much warmth? That’s when you require an electric blanket with multiple settings! So, check the setting before you invest in one. 


How can we forget about safety?  

This is a major concern while buying an electric blanket. Obviously, this is not the point that you should neglect or compromise upon. 

Check upon the various overheating options. Our product comes with overload protection and has an automatic shut-off feature!

However, do not opt for electric blankets that do not have these safety measures within the blanket.

Check the cord length

Your money will go in waste if you buy an electric blanket that has a wire that does not reach your plug socket. This can be frustrating. Hence, it is always advisable to keep in mind the length of the cord nearest to your plug before buying an electric blanket. 


Why should you buy Todeco’s Electric Blanket?

Todeco’s Electric Blanket comes in queen size and is made from the softest fleece which makes it a comfortable blanket and is bound to give you a cosy sleep. It comes with 6 heat setting that makes it easier for you to adjust the temperature.  

It comes with intelligent overheating protection and overload protection and automatic time setter which ensures safety. 

The blanket comes with quilting technology that ensures even flow of heat from top to bottom. It also comes with removable parts that ensure safe cleaning.  

It is a must-buy product for you that will ensure to give you the warmth you require during winters.