Irrespective of the size, the fact that you have an open space to relax at your home is a matter of great privilege. It could be a garden, a patio, a porch or a backyard. People are drawn to open spaces that let the natural, fresh air blow through allowing your worries, stress and anxiety to melt away. You can choose to spend time alone there, be with family or just hang out with friends without being disturbed by the noise in the restaurant or the insects of the forest.

A backyard can be made as cozy as your living room if only, you put in little efforts to decorate it with style. The most common elements that a backyard is adorned with are lightings of different colours and plants. You can have succulents, daisies, walls full of creepers of different colours or you can have potted plants. But that is not what I want to talk about. Here I’d like to present different, but absolutely essential things that you MUST have in your backyard. Things you came across but probably haven’t put much thought into. Without further ado, I implore you to read on, for I know that both of us would be happy about decorating a comfortable place for you and your loved ones. 


1. Good Seating 

Having ample, comfortable seating is absolutely necessary for a backyard, garden and a patio. A good seating allows you to accommodate more number of people without making it look jam-packed, and giving a spacious, relaxing feel to the place. A good seating allows you to host several parties, get-togethers or ceremonies as engagement or talent shows at your place. 

Do you wonder how to build a garden seating area?

Well, you start with tables. It would be wise of you to use folding furniture here that can be wrapped up and stored in compact places when not required. Todeco has some nice durable, HDPE folding tables that allow for a seating capacity of 6. Being white in colour, it is suitable for the design of all interiors. 

You can couple the table with benches or chairs as you find comfortable. If you or your guests are prone to have back pains or prefer support, you can always go for chairs. The benches offer you a new, young look to the seating if you prefer to give that a try. 

If there’s more space, get the storage ottomans. The ottomans are useful for seating, storing essentials and also putting your feet on while sitting on a bench or a chair. Depending on the size of the ottoman you buy, you can also move them indoors to your living room whenever required. 


2. A Relaxing Spot 

Adding an element of comfort to the backyard is very essential. Hammocks are a crucial part of a backyard that allows you to enjoy myriad weathers and temperatures - be it sunny, windy, spring, monsoon, day or night. If you buy a huge hammock that accommodates two people, you can use it for a romantic date or you can have both your kids piled up in a hammock and swing them. 

There are also hammocks with stands which you can use if you don’t have another tree or a pole to tie the hammock to. The stands are very stable and can be dismantled for portability. It can be easily set up by any member of the household whenever required, and will not get rusted or faded even if exposed to different weather conditions for a long time. 

Hammocks are also praised for their ability to relax your back and improve the blood flow throughout your body, uplifting your mood in the gentle breeze. You can lie on it, enjoy sipping your favourite drink and gaze at the stars or you can read a book, have a bonfire beside and just let the gentle lull melt away your anxieties.

Check out the different sizes and colours available to see the best suitable hammock for your garden/backyard. 

3. Carefree Entertainment

Well, I presume you shall want some entertainment in your backyard, an activity of sorts to keep yourself, your family and guests involved. These things we have to offer are - the projection screen, BBQ grill and the Bonfire.

The projector screen is portable, can be set up anywhere, without the necessity of a wall. You can find a sturdy, free-standing projection screen to watch movies at night while eating popcorn. (check out the popcorn maker which can make instant popcorns for you within minutes!).

If you are fond of BBQ’s, your backyard must have a BBQ grill that is smokeless and easy to use. You can find the perfect fit from the variety of options available on Todeco, it also has the perfect utensils you’d require through the process. 

Another important addition to your backyard must be a fire pit, especially since the winters are coming. The fire pit creates a homely, cozy atmosphere for you, allowing you to enjoy its warmth without having to worry about your kids getting hurt or burned (the pits have protection around it).