As much as travelling is fun, it can become stressful with poor organizing skills. In order to make your commute easier, you need to have the right kind of luggage. But how can you decide what qualities sum up to great luggage?

Todeco is here with a travel companion just for you! Check out Todeco’s Carry on suitcase for the sturdy and attractive designs that can be worth all your money. But how do you pick the right travel luggage? Without further ado, scroll to know more!


There are various factors that you must consider before finding the right choice. Here we are with some factors that might clear certain ideas that we all have in our heads and might help you select the right portable wardrobe for you.


Bags with soft side are lightweight and easy to carry. These bags can be slid into overhead bins with ease. They have a single large interior as compared to a hard-side suitcase that has two equal halves that can be folded together.

While suitcases with a hard-shell are most helpful while carrying fragile products. If you prefer to be as organized as Monica, luggage with a hard side should be your preference.

Todeco Carry-on suitcase comes with a hard-shell. This luggage is synonymous with practical and ergonomic and will follow you wherever you go.


Luggage with two wheels is generally easy to move on uneven surfaces. They are easy to slide and roll backwards and forward. Such wheels have a higher chance of remaining safe from all sorts of damage.

Luggage with four wheels has a better scope for mobility. Luggage with two wheels can cause strain to the wrist and shoulder. The 360-degree rotation helps you rotate the bag in any direction.

Todeco’s travel luggage comes with four-wheel, 360-degree rotation that increases its utility and helps to roll the bag, push it or pull it. Are you planning for a long trip? Shake your hand with Todeco’s travel luggage.


- In order to pick the right travelling companion for you, compare the interior and exterior of your luggage. There are various features apart from the ones mentioned that you need to consider before coming to any sort of final decision.

- Look for handles that are sturdy. If you find a handle system that has been designed in such a way that it has its base inside the bag itself, go for the same design. Make sure it has the right height and remains locked.

- Always check the departments and the pockets available to you so that it becomes easier to organize your stuff. Don’t pull a fast one and opt to go for one the outer appearance of the bag, always check the compartments.

- Go for metal zippers over the plastic ones as they last longer and do not cause any sorts of trouble.

Try Todeco’s Carry-on Luggage as your travel companion right away! Our major keypoints are durability, light-weight and multifunctional. Todeco’s luggage will make your travelling easier. Travel around with Todeco’s luggage bags as your companion and feel the ease.