Nothing can beat your long day’s hard work other than a bowl of hot pasta! And a fresh bowl of homemade pasta is like an icing on the cake! You get to choose your own ingredients and spice it up with your favourite herbs! 

Pasta Makers have made the entire process of making the pasta easier. You can get the perfect texture for your pasta at your home with the help of a Pasta Maker. If you are ready to make your own pasta and eat it as well, Todeco is here at your service.




Before jumping into any kind of Pasta Maker, think about the kinds of Pasta you are willing to make. We all know about the different kinds of pasta available in the market like Noodles, Spaghetti, Penne, Shell, Macaroni and what not!


Before buying a Pasta Maker you need to check whether the Pasta Maker has the required attachments. Look out for the Pasta Maker that with the attachments that meets your needs,


Body Material

Another major factor that you must not miss out is the body of the Pasta Maker. Most of the Pasta Makers are either made of plastics or of Stainless Steel.

The Pasta Makers that are made of Stainless Steel are sturdier than those made of plastic. Though those made with plastic are light weighted but going for those that are sturdier is an advisable option. 


While some Pasta Makers also have a rust-proof material that makes it a best buy because it isn’t just sturdy but a durable product as well!


What about the cleaning process?

Pasta Makers that comes with easy cleaning-feature will save a lot of your time. The dough of the pasta can go to any corner of the machine and create a mess for you. 


Go for a Pasta Maker that is easy to clean. Of course, you use a long needle or a chopstick and cover it with a cloth to clean the areas that are difficult to reach. But, always look for those Pasta Makers that have an easy-to-clean feature.


Do not miss out on its durability

Before picking up a Pasta Maker for yourself you cannot miss out its durability. Always check the material of the body. It defines the stability of the product.


You can even check the reviews of the customers before coming to any sort of conclusions. Read about the brand, its after-sales services and if appeals you only then invest into that brand. 


Thickness and blade settings

Any Pasta Maker will require proper blade settings. Also, each pasta has a different thickness level. So, you need to consider the thickness level and the blade settings of a Pasta Maker before you buy it.


These settings are easy to adjust by pulling the knob and rotating it to the clearly labelled setting.  Check for makers with such knobs before picking any pasta maker.



Todeco’s Pasta Machine with its durable rollers allows you to make any sort of pasta that you want to make. It is also easy to operate. You can use it to make Lasagne, Spaghetti or Tagliatelle!

Todeco pasta ravioli maker machine is constructed by the sturdy chromed-steel body, high carbon steel nickel-plated roller and cutter, The extruder works well and the crank arm fits snugly for easy cranking, providing years and years of great-tasting pasta. 


 The free tabletop clamp adds stability and holds the machine securely in place. It's easy to make larger, thicker pasta or smaller, thinner pasta which makes it the best choice for you.


 Planning for a family dinner? Todeco can be your friend and help you make delicious pasta as it comes with a large capacity that can be sufficient enough for your entire family! Not only that it is made from eco-friendly material to avoid toxicity and is completely safe to use!


Plus, the machine runs manually! You do not require any sort of electricity to run the machine. The pasta cutter is designed with detachable cutting blades. The handle and table clamp is removable for more compact storage. The exterior of the machine can be wiped clean, but the cutters should not be immersed in water.


What are you waiting for? Buy it right away and plan out a meal for your next family dinner!