Making your drinks more relishable has now become easier, thanks to the tons of accessories available to explore the field of wine tasting. Pardon my French, but this isn’t something that is not known to us.

However, when we talk about wine and maintaining its quality we cannot skip talking about wine decanters and aerating process.

Even though its the most useful tool if you want to save your favourite wine from losing its potent, yet many are not aware of its purpose and the uses.


What’s the purpose?

 Have you sipped the leftover that comes as a result of fermentation, especially if its an older wine? These sediments are a flash in the pan for many wine enthusiasts.


This makes it difficult to identify how old the wine is or even worse, it might create a bitter taste which will suppress the gratifying taste that leads the wine enthusiasts towards a full experience. 


Do you really require a Wine Decanter?

If you really want to aerate your young wine, you must use a decanter. You can even use a decanter to separate the wines from the sediments. 


Decorative decanters have become a thing to allure for wine enthusiasts. You can place it on the shelf or on top of the cupboard and use it for decorative purpose.


Nobody likes the taste of sediments in a wine. The wine becomes bitter because of the sediments and that’s why you need a Wine Decanter!


Shapes and Materials 

The shape of decanters keeps on changing as per the changing inclinations. 

There are two types of wine decanters available in the market:

  • Tall/Thin for older wines.
  • Broad bottomed ones for younger wines.


Wine decanters are mostly made from substances like plastic, glass, crystal. Glass and crystal wine decanters are least durable as they have a chance of breaking into pieces if they fall on the ground.

Aerator v/s Decanter: Which one is a better option?

Aerators are an ideal choice if you want to give a toss to your young wines. Aerators are generally placed in or on the bottle or held by hand. Aerators are the best choice if you want to soften the tannins. But aerators will not address the sediments found in certain wines.


But when it comes to decanters, you can use them to aerate older wines or address the sediments. You can get rid of the bitter taste of sediments from the wine with the help of decanters. 

Which Wine Decanter should you buy?


Go for Todeco’s Wine Decanter. It comes with Silicone, Acrylic and ABS Plastic. Todeco’s Wine Decanter ensures a purer taste. It comes with double interior air tubes that ensure you get the fullest taste of your wine.

 It comes in a beautiful “angel” shape that can be a perfect gift that can be a perfect gift for someone or an addition to your decor. It is safe to use and can be cleaned with a damp cloth. It comes with a free bag that can be used to carry the wine decanter.


Hence, now you know everything about wine decanters. Invest in such decenters and indulge in some efficient decanting!