Bathroom Rack Shelf

Bathroom Rack Shelf

Laundry Drying Rack, 4 shelves, White, with wings

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Are you tired of hanging wet clothes everywhere and the clothes taking a long time to dry? Optimize your space and properly dry your clothes by using a well-designed drying rack. Dry clothing remains hygienic with a fresh scent and can also lighten the chore of ironing. Effective inside and outside, this fashion drying rack will give you the space you need to spread out all your clothes. It is available with a central stem to extend your sheets on and also includes door hangers for your jackets and shirts. Easily adjustable, it can be set up to accommodate linens such as bed sheets or duvets. This clothes drying rack is made of rust-resistant stainless steel. It can fold down and be stored in a corner after use without cluttering your room.

Technical features:
Material: Stainless steel tubes
Maximum load: 6.7 lbs per support bar
Length of bars: 32 inch
Folded size: 34.6 x 5.1 x 65 inch
Unfolded size: 34.6 x 26 x 64.2 inch
Bar Quantity: 32
Total cumulative length of racking: 1020.5 inch

Package weight and dimensions:
Weight: 5.4 kg
Dimensions: 86.0*33.0*18.0 cm

Size: 4 shelves
Color: White
Accessories: with wings

Most liked features:
Even carrying a full load of laundry, the thick stainless steel tubing keeps the product stable, and safe to use.
Hang lots of clothes and dry them quickly on the hanging rails and two-piece hooks
Ideal for airing clothing and towels in an indoor space
Ideal for a small space each hanging rail can be folded up to save space
Easy to move, the 6 wheeled base is designed to avoid scratching the floor
Durable, and rustproof it's well worth the money
Materials used are eco-friendly
Easy to store and transport
The materials used are both water and rust-resistant

Package contents:
1 x Laundry Drying Rack

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