Hair Clog Remover Tool

Drain Auger Hair Clog Remover Tool
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Time & Labor Saving Snake Drain Tools - Todeco drain auger with quadruple ring spiral spring head design, it is easier to reach and clear difficult clogs than ordinary spring head. The grip handle and turning knob allow you to use this tool easily to manually drive the flexible drain steel wire to unclog your pipes. In addition, spiral adopted high-quality manganese steel that is strong toughness and high hardness, very durable.

25Ft Steel Drum Auger - The plumbing drain auger with 25 Ft drain steel wire for deep clogs, The heavy-duty steel springs is enough long and flexible for doing heavy-duty works and reach most problems, well suited for pipes from 1/2 inches up to 2.5 inches in diameter, easy to clear drain clog without calling the plumber, keep your time and save your money. Beside it equips a metal mouth to reduce wear, and easy to use stop screw to secure the steel wire in place.

Durable & Easy to Store - The drain clog remover is made of high-impact ABS drum housing for long-lasting durability. Keep the steel wire in place, make it clean and tidy while the drain auger is not in use. A non-slip Handle helps to remove the blockages more conveniently and effectively. Behind the handle of the sink snake plumbing tool has a convenience suspension circle which easy to hang it.

Professional Plumbing Snake Drain Auger Kit - The 25 ft heavy duty drain auger with a spiral head designed for 1-1/4" through 3" pipes can be used to unclog the most common household drains stoppages while the 2.1 ft plumbing snake can be more effective to remove hair clog in small household drains. In addition, the pipe cleaner comes with a pair of gloves, which help to keep your hands clean and safe. 1 set to solve all your household drain stoppages.

Wide Application - The plumbing snakes is professional using for cleaning various drains, such as kitchen, bathtub, bathroom, shower drain, and utility sinks, sewer, and floor drains. This snake drain comes with a pair of gloves that can keep your hands clean and safe when you clean the drain.100% Satisfaction - If you have any problem with our drain cleaning tool, please feel free to contact us, we will give you a 100% satisfactory service.

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