Household Tool Box

Household Tool Box

Tool Box

Portable Tool Box, DIY Set, 251 Tools, with Aluminum case and Telescopic handle, Material: Carbon steel
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With this toolbox on hand, you won't have to worry about changing the wheel bearings on your car. To ensure your safety and comply with equipment standards, opt for these indispensable tools to maintain your brake pistons. It is perfect for disassembling and reassembling the wheel bearing without touching the suspension strut. Each piece is carefully stored in the durable case, which you can conveniently store in the trunk of your car or garage. Its performance is reliable and its construction is solid.

Technical features:
Material: Carbon steel
Accessories: Compartment 3: 16x Hex wrenches, 21x screwdrivers, 4x Sets of 12 nozzles, 1x Electric tester100V-250V, 1x Adapter magnetic nozzle, 1x Manometer
Accessories: Compartment 1: (9x) Box wrench/spanners (1x) Long-nosed pliers (1x) Cutting pliers (1x) Wrench (1x) Water pump crowbar (1x) Universal clamp
Accessories: Compartment 2: 2x Plastic fasteners, 2x Crimping pliers, 1x Insulating band, 1x Cutter, 1x Claw hammer, 3x Glue tools, 1x Level rule, 60x Assorted pieces, 1x Five-meter tape measure
Size: 50 x 37 x 23 cm
Accessories: Compartment 4: 29x Sockets wrenches, 2x 1/4 extension cords

Package weight and dimensions:
Weight: 11.8 kg
Dimensions: 55.0*39.5*22.5 cm

Part: 251 Tools
Storage: with Aluminum case and Telescopic handle

Most liked features:
Contains 251 different pieces, a must-have set for DIY enthusiasts and professionals
A sturdy aluminium case keeps the tools secure and well-organzied
Convenient to use: Designed with wheels and telescopic handle
Ideal for home, workshop or automotive use
The rust-proof material and unique structure make it a worthwhile purchase
Portable: Wheels make it convenient to move to another location
Multi-purpose: A set that is suitable for many occasions
Practicality: Protect your utensils with durable storage case
Practicality: Suitable for individuals and professionals

Package contents:
1 x Tool Box

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Brand Todeco
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