1. 3 Essentials for your Bedroom: Ideal Guide for your Bedroom Accessories

    Are you tired of exploring Pinterest to find the ultimate bedroom accessories? Are you confused about where to begin, what to buy?? This can be your ultimate guide.

    All of us desire to go back to our bed and lay down in the hay after a tiring day. We look for ways to decorate our cozy space in a minimal way and keep it organized all the time, don’t we?

    So, save the trouble of random exploring and just have a quick look at this guide. We promise you won’t regret it!



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  2. 3 tips to keep in mind while choosing a new bed frame

    Did you know that on an average a person spends 26 years of his life sleeping? In this case, only a bed frame can be your real partner (No offence, ladies!). But choosing the right bed frame can be a nightmare for many! 

    There are tons of bed frames available in the market starting from bed frames with storage, bed frames with headboards and many more. But which one is the best fit for you? It is really simple!

    We are here with 3 best tips while selecting a bed frame for you. Scroll and learn the tips.

    It’s the size of the bedroom that matters

    All of your readers are here to know what can h

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  3. Invest in Todeco’s Pasta Maker and win their hearts!

    Nothing can beat your long day’s hard work other than a bowl of hot pasta! And a fresh bowl of homemade pasta is like an icing on the cake! You get to choose your own ingredients and spice it up with your favourite herbs! 

    Pasta Makers have made the entire process of making the pasta easier. You can get the perfect texture for your pasta at your home with the help of a Pasta Maker. If you are ready to make your own pasta and eat it as well, Todeco is here at your service.



    Before jumping into any kind of Pasta Maker, think about the kinds of Pasta you are willing to make. We all know about the d

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  4. How to pick the right luggage bag?

    As much as travelling is fun, it can become stressful with poor organizing skills. In order to make your commute easier, you need to have the right kind of luggage. But how can you decide what qualities sum up to great luggage?

    Todeco is here with a travel companion just for you! Check out Todeco’s Carry on suitcase for the sturdy and attractive designs that can be worth all your money. But how do you pick the right travel luggage? Without further ado, scroll to know more!


    There are various factors that you must consider before finding the right choice. Here we are with some factors that might clear certain ideas that we all have in our heads and might help you select the right portable wardrobe for you.


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  5. Organize a Minimalist Home with Comfort

    A lot of people wonder about how to make your house a minimalist home that still feels welcoming. A minimalist decor is characterised by a ‘minimalist lifestyle’ that necessitates having items no more than those absolutely essential. So, the first tip is to get rid of all the excess. You do not require 20 pairs of shoes, 10 should do just fine. The clutter and lack of space results from hoarding all of the stuff you think you need but haven’t touched since a month. Do yourself a favour, give it away.
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  6. 3 things you absolutely require for a cozy backyard!

    Irrespective of the size, the fact that you have an open space to relax at your home is a matter of great privilege. It could be a garden, a patio, a porch or a backyard. People are drawn to open spaces that let the natural, fresh air blow through allowing your worries, stress and anxiety to melt away. You can choose to spend time alone there, be with family or just hang out with friends without being disturbed by the noise in the restaurant or the insects of the forest.

    A backyard can be made as cozy as your living room if only, you put in little efforts to decorate it with style. The most common elements that a backyard is adorned with are lightings of different colors and plants. You can have succulents, daisies, walls full of creepers of different colors or you can have potted plants. But that is not what I want to talk about. Here I’d like to present different, but absolutely essential things that you MUST have in your backyard. Things you came across but prob

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