Foldable bathtub (80 x 75 x 75cm)

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  • 【Faster coating】After intensive training or a tough competition, you need an ice bath to soothe your muscles and speed up your recovery time. By soaking in ice water, you can help your body recover faster and improve your overall physical performance. The ice bath also helps you reduce stress and sleep better. Try the portable ice tub and bounce like a champ!
  • 【Keeping cool and warm】The folding bathtub It has a great insulating effect. It is made of high-quality materials that can keep the water temperature stable for a long time. The outer layer is durable and waterproof, the inner layer is soft and skin-friendly, and the super insulated layer can maintain up to 85% of the temperature for three hours. You can enjoy a hot, relaxing bath or a stimulating cold bath.
  • 【Very strong support】Our folding bathtub with metal frame It is the ideal option for people who want more stability and support from their bathtub. Unlike plastic-framed folding bathtubs, our bathtub features a solid, sturdy metal frame that can accommodate larger people without tipping over or flinching. The metal frame also makes the bathtub more durable and sturdy as it can withstand more wear and tear.
  • 【Comfortable and ergonomic】Our ice bath measures 75 cm x 75 cm, which is a wide and comfortable waist that adapts to the shape of your body and your posture. The inflatable top ring provides soft and comfortable support for your neck while submerged in ice water. You can relax your muscles and mind with our ice bath tub as it helps you recover faster and sleep better.
  • 【Practical and hygienic】Our cold water bathtub is easy to use, clean and store. You can reuse it several times as it has two drainage holes for water change and cleaning. It also features an inflatable PVC cover and Oxford cloth cover to protect it from dust and insects after use. Comes with a portable bag for easy storage and transportation.
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