Fitness LAT Machine

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  • 【2 exercise modes and 3 types of handles】 By adjusting the lifting loop and the steel cable, you can achieve 2 usage modes: Lift up and Pull down. The product comes with 3 interchangeable handles, and allows you to adjust your training to your wishes.
  • 【2 cables and 1 silent pulley rotating 360° 】The product includes 2 extremely strong sheathed cables of different lengths (180cm/70'' and 230cm/90''). The steel pulley is both robust and quiet, to ensure that no noise affects your weight training session.
  • 【High quality】 The pin is suitable for discs of standard or professional weight training and can support up to 120 kg/260 lb. For optimal protection, the cables and their loops are robust and virtually unbreakable.
  • 【For pros and amateurs】 The LAT machine from Leogreen is very effective in burning fat and increasing muscle strength. It can also help you improve your coordination and endurance, while helping you work the different muscles of your body such as biceps, triceps, shoulders, back, etc. Perfect for beginners and experts, men and women.
  • 【Easy to assemble and great versatility】Just do it pass the pin through the central hole of your weight plates and mount the other components of the product. The product can also be connected to a pull-up bar, beam or anywhere the strap can be installed. It offers great versatility for exercises at home, in the gym, in physiotherapy centers and other training environments.
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