Dance Pole Bar (Silicone)

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  • Beginner Friendly: The silicone rods have a smooth surface softer and textured, providing better grip. This can be beneficial for beginners or those still developing their grip strength and skills.
  • Rotating and static mode: Easy to tighten or remove the clamping screw to switch between ROTARY or STATIC modes. This dance pole could help you perform spins, tricks, climbs, hangs, falls and somersaults.
  • Adjustable Height: The height adjuster allows you to adjust your dance bar to a higher space, from 223.5 to 274.5 cm, to adapt to different ceilings and carpets.
  • Durability and strong support: Carbon steel tube Chrome plating is used to resist heavy loads and provide stability, maximum load 200kg. Designed with silicone anti-slip devices on the top and bottom base, so there are no screws and no damage to the ceiling.
  • Wide application: This dance pole is suitable for beginners , professional dancers and pole fitness lovers. Perfect for fitness exercises, stage performances, home teaching, clubs, bars, gyms, yoga rooms or dance studios.
SKU: 0401-L-1