About Us:

Domaier has been active in the market since November 2016 and has been excelling in a wide range of kitchen appliances inspired and manufactured factoring in the latest trends and technology.  

Domaier includes products varying from waffle makers to cotton candy machines, immersion blenders to meat grinders and egg poachers, yogurt makers to ice cream machines, bread makers to rice cookers, popcorn machines to raclettes, as well as home essentials including vacuum cleaners and sewing machines!  

Domaier, as a brand, aims to provide the best products and experiences to its customers which is why the experimentation along with thorough research ensures 100% authenticity and best prices of the products. Domaier’s products are a blend of standard quality and smart designs, the strongholds of our brand. Not only that, our products are durable which is why they will stay with you forever and give you all the value for the money you spent.